Chris Wallace asked DemocRAT presidential candidate Ms. Sir Edmund Hitlery Rodham Foster Clinton, “Do you think Columbia University shoud rescind their invitation to Iranian Dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?”

The response was classic Clintonese B.S.; “I’ll let Columbia decide that.”

Shall we parse this? First she says “I’ll let…” as if Columbia would decide differently if she said so…(maybe they would, being the Leftist haven that they are). Ego much???

Second, the question was “do you think…?” So, if she says “I’ll let Columbia decide that,” is she saying Columbia will decide what she thinks? Yeah, right! </sarc>

Thirdly, the bottom line here is that she doesn’t want to express an opinion on this. It’s just too bad the media doesn’t have the guts to follow up with the question, “There’s no way you have no opinion on this, so why are you afraid to tell us what it is?”

And then, “One more question, Senator: if Hsu is convicted of illegal campaign funding, and you took money from him, doesn’t that make you a criminal?”


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