McCain’s win guarantees Hillary will be president

John McCain can not win the general election.  He is a Washington insider who has a record of working against the conservative wing of his own Party.  He has sided with Liberals on campaign finance, illegal immigration, and many other issues.  He has insulted Christian conservatives by referring to them as kooks.  He has as much scandal in his background as Hillary does.

This is why the Democrats want McCain to be the GOP candidate.  I believe they crossed over in Florida to vote him in.  The Dems had no delegates in Florida because the DNC was punishing them for moving up their primary date,  so why not screw up the Republicans? This is exactly what they have done. 

So, thanks to tricky Democrats and brain-dead GOP establishment insiders, the republican voter will have a choice this November between two democrats, Hillary or McCain… (Remember when some people were touting that as the ticket?)

Many republican voters, maybe even up to 30% will either stay home, or vote for an independant candidate.  The Dems will win it all in 2008, and the media will tell us that the country is going Democrat, which will be a lie, but it will become true as young people continue to be brainwashed by the schools and the media.

America is dying. 


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