W’s Revenge

George W. Bush is no conservative.  He has been good on national defense and taxes, but he has enabled Democrats and RINOs to enlarge government and spread a culture of depencency.

Although he has been as moderate as any president has ever been, somehow he is hated and dismissed as a failure.  However, he may get a reprieve. 

If either H. Rodham Foster Clinton, B. Hussein Osamabama, or John Turncoat McCainiac become president (God forbid), George W. Bush will come out looking like the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

He will have survived 8 years of relentless attacks.  He will not have been impeached.  He will leave office with a stronger economy than he inherited from his playboy predecessor, and he will have greatly crippled the capabilities of the terrorists who have sworn to destroy us. 

After a year or two of any one of the Trio of Doom, America will be in such dire straits, even the most rabid Bush-Haters will be pining for the good old days of ‘W’.

Why?  Anyone of these candidates will rais our taxes.  That will severely hurt the economy.  Even McCain will not stand up to the appeasement mentality of the Left, and he will cave to the defeatists.  Hitlery or Osama will surrender in the WOT, thus empowering the terrorists.

Government will grow even faster than it has under Bush, and more and more people will be dependent on some form of government assistance.  Illegal aliens will flood our country even more than now and put increasing pressure on our infrastructure, our hospitals, our courts, etc.

In short, unless we elect a true limited-government, pro-freedom “conservative”, America will go downhill so much faster than it is now that even Democrats will wish we were back in the Bush years.


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