Clinton Loses Again (I love saying that!)

B. Hussein Obama won Wisconsin by a huge margin.  Is Hitlery finished?  One can only hope, but it’s not over yet.

It’s too bad the Republicans have such a terrible candidate.  With Obama vanquishing the Clinton machine on sheer charisma, the Democrats will be running an obviously unqualified neophyte who should be easy to beat.

But, the GOP is running McCain, who turns off more Republican voters than he brings in from the Democrats.  Against an exciting newcomer like B. Hussein, he will have a hard time making up the difference.

The last two presidential elections were extremely close.  A swing of 3 or 4 percentage points either way could tip the balance. 

Mr. Obama is not qualified to be president, but then McCain isn’t much moreso, if at all.  So, as Neil Young once said, “we’re finally on our own.”

Funny note:  Clinton accused Obama of using empty words. “It’s about picking a president who relies not just on words, but on work, hard work, to get America back to work,”  She said. “Someone who’s not just in the speeches business.”

A Clinton accusing someone of offering nothing but talk?  Ha!


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