They can’t help but lie.

Mr. Obama portrays himself as a uniter, a savior, a messiah.  It’s just an image designed to fool enough people into voting for him. 

He’s nothing but a typical commie-lib who wants to turn foreign policy over to the corrupt thugs that run the U.N. and raise taxes on those of us who work for a living to spend on those who don’t.

Barry, just tell us you want insititute your modern version of Marxism and take what comes.  But, of course, you can’t affor to actually be honest.

The very same people who believe Bush lied, even though the facts say otherwise, actually think the people who made up that lie are telling the truth. 

He says his uncle liberated the Jews from Auschwitz – that one lie (of many) ought to be enough to doom his future political career…but…?


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