Alot of “high road” republicans are falling all over themseves to prove how nice they are by offering their congrations to B. Hussein Obama.  So, I thought I’d join the bandwagon:

Dear B. Hussein,
Congratulations on your success at fooling a bunch of brain-dead groupies and on hiding your true Anti-America views from the people.  Of course, you had help from the media, but they couldn’t have helped much if you didn’t have the talents and abilities of a classic charlatan and snake-oil salesman. 
You managed to convince people to believe in your plan for change even though you never explained what that plan was. You were able to use a teleprompter adeptly.  You were able to define your associations with domestic terrorists and radicals as irrelevant.  You were able to deflect any criticism as racism – brilliant.
Sir, you are the epitome of the stereotypical politician: glib, slick, polished and vain, and you do it well. 
As you enter the formerly highest office in the land, I want to wish you all the success and good fortune your Party wished on George W. Bush in 2000 and since.  I’m sure you won’t have to face nearly the amount of scrutiny he had to face, but at least you always have the race card up your sleeve – just in case.
Cogratulations Mr. Hussein-Obama.  And, in the words of your favorite pastor “God d*** America.” – which I think is what just happened.
Future Gulag inmate – Vince Fostersghost

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