Dayton Fiddles, Minnesota Burns

The duly (and legally) elected legislature passed the budget.  This budget INCREASES spending by 6%.  Mr. Dayton, in direct contrast to his campaign promise where he said in a televised debate, “no I would not shut down government,” has done just that.

He is refusing to perform his duty as governor by willfully refusing to sign a legitimately passed budget in a deliberate attempt to cause a government shut-down in the hopes that it will advance a political agenda.

Mr. Dayton, there will be time for politics later.  Right now, you should do your job and govern.  Your refusal to do so is nonfeasance and subjects you to a recall.

M.S.211C.02 “…A state officer …may be subject to recall for…nonfeasance during the term of office….”

M.S.351.14 Subd. 3.Nonfeasance.
“Nonfeasance” means the willful failure to perform a specific act which is a required part of the duties of the public official.


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