I Blame the Lying Media


The amazing thing is that the lying leftist media still act like Obama is a legitimate president.

SIX AMERICANS DIED YESTERDAY in Afghanistan, where according to the prevaricators in the press, their hero HUSSEIN Obama won the war on terror by single-handedly killing Bin Laden. (No stories on the glaring absence of Code Pink)

Why are we still at war? Didn’t the left finally demolish the war-mongering ways of Bush? Why don’t they do a story about how the P-resident is playing golf on his 70 million dollar vacation – which WE are paying for – while the country is going to hell? Oh yeah, he’s a lib.

Media hypocrites can’t find the slightest microscopic bit of journalistic integrity somewhere deep down in the pit of their once-human souls to give Obama one tenth the scrutiny and skepticism with which they hound and hammer any republican – even the liberal ones.

Does the potential presidency of Hillary Cuckold Clinton and the credibility of the Demonic-Rat party mean more to them than their country? Apparently so. After all, those elitists are “above” patriotism.

If this keeps up, none of us will have to worry about patriotism any more – there won’t be a country… Europe is being overrun by a bunch of backward 7th Century cultist misogynist murderers, and the left applauds them while they ridicule Christians; falsely accusing them of things Muslims are truly guilty of. It’s almost as if liberals and Islamic terrorists are on the same side…(wink)

Obama never belonged in the office of the presidency. He used Harrison J. Bounel’s social security number. He has several names, three possible fathers or step-fathers, NONE of whom were ever American citizens, he has always hated this country, and the slime-balls in the lame-stream media give him a pass just because he’s a half-Black Democrat.

He is purposely destroying this country, and when anyone objects, he cries “racism!” And the hell-bound liars in the media amplify his LIE!

And Hillary? Seriously? An unethical, scandal-ridden crook, money-laundering fraudster and colossal failure, no accomplishments whatsoever, who allowed 4 Americans to die just to protect Obama, and then lied about it; and a so-called champion of feminism who betrayed feminists by enabling and covering for a raping, lying womanizer who she hooked onto just to gain political power – the media want her to be president?

Good grief, how pathetic are these people?

I don’t care if they believe in the welfare state, high taxes, reams of regulations, a program for everything, or any other proven failure nonsense liberal policy, but can’t they find anyone decent to support? Someone who loves America? Or aren’t there any liberal Democrats who fit that description?

When this country is either a smoldering ruin, or a 3rd World Islamic dirt pile, it will be the Democrats and the LYING SCUM in the media who will be to blame.



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